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A knock out event!

After a semester of being locked down and online learning, this boxing class was a great opportunity for UAWB's members to get their endorphins flowing. The class, kindly led and hosted by Boxing Alley Parnell, was an incredibly fun event to let off some steam and to (literally) connect with each other! 

As part of UAWB's initiative to build a community that empowers women, boxing was a perfect way to meet fellow students. It was also an exhilarating way to ensure that students are encouraged to take an hour of their day to take care of their health and well-being.


Thank you again to the amazing staff at Boxing Alley, Parnell (Sky, Claudia and Maddie) for being such friendly and supportive coaches! The team at UAWB was thrilled with the opportunity to partner with a local business such as Boxing Alley who align with our mission to empower young people!


"The event created a very welcoming and supportive environment, and the course was accommodating for people of all fitness levels. I really appreciated being able to interact with a lot of students outside of my degree!"

Merry Wu

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